Private Tours

If you would like to experience the beauty and charm of our historical towns, islands or national parks, we offer one-day custom excursion transfers with the option of having a tour guide so you can fully experience the beauty and culture of Croatia. Our one-day excursions are per the preferences of the guests and can be a simple transfer to these tourist destinations or a customized private tour offering comfortable and relaxed excursions.


Dubrovnik is a town which has been under UNESCO protection since 1979. The perfectly preserved walls of old Dubrovnik encircle a large complex of public, private, sacral and worldly structures from all periods of the town’s history from its origin in the 7th century. Stradun is a must-see location – the main town street, the Rector’s palace, the Church of St. Vlaho, the Cathedral, three large monasteries, the customs and town hall building. Don’t miss out on exploring this medieval town, a treasury of cultural historical monuments. Airport Taxi Split offers transfers to and from Dubrovnik, its airport and all its hotels and private accomodation.


Split is the second largest city in Croatia as well as being a major transfer hub to other destinations. It is also honored with a UNESCO title and is on the World Heritage List. Visit Split and take a step back into the past while walking through Diocletian’s Palace. Take a look at the sphinx in Peristil which was brought over from Egypt and is about 4000 years old. Diocletian’s Palace is a unique architectural complex with a magnificent mausoleum which was transformed into a Cathedral in the 7th century, with the resplendent Peristil, large cellars, thick walls, magnificent entrance, Jupiter’s temple and small early Christian churches. Split offers a rich selection of museums, tours, hotels and more. Airport Taxi Split offers transfers to any hotel, private accommodation or destination in Split.


The old town center of Trogir was founded by Greek colonists from the Island of Vis in 3 B.C. The historical town center of Trogir is the best preserved Romanesque – Gothic town not only on the Adriatic but also in Central Europe. The Trogir medieval town center is surrounded by old walls, has an excellently preserved tower and other structures from the Romanesque – Gothic and Renaissance period. A transfer from Trogir to the airport is only 5 km away and is a unavoidable stop in your travels.

Makarska rivijera

This Riviera offers 60 km of coastline with breathtaking views and pebbly beaches. Makarska and its small towns of Brela, Baska Voda, Tucepi and Podgora are becoming highly visited tourist attractions worth visiting. Airport Taxi Split offers transfers to and from all hotels and private accommodation located in and around the Riviera.


Šibenik is a historical town located in the central part of the Dalmatian region. Historically it is the oldest town in Croatia. It is surrounded by National nature parks. Throughout its history the town was under the rule of many monarchies (Croatian, Hungarian, Venetian, Austrian) that all left traces and evidence of their rule. Airport Taxi Split offers transfers to Sibenik and its surrounding towns of Vodice, Skradin and Rogoznica. Transfers are also available to national park Krka, Kornati and the Plitvice Lakes.


Zadar, located in Northern Dalmatia, is known as the Croatian Rome. Due to its long indented coastline, beautiful nature, rich cultural-historical sights, Zadar is a well known destination for visitors from throughout the whole world. Zadar is mentioned in 4 B.C., and for centuries was the main city of Dalmatia. The town possesses a rich heritage, and this especially the Roman Forum from the 1st century, the Church of St. Donat from the 9th century, the Cathedral of St. Anastasia, and many villas and historical monuments. The town is also well known for its sea organ on which the waves play gentle music. Airport Taxi Split offers transfers to all its hotels and private accommodation and to and from the airport.

Island Brač

Brač compared to other islands has an interior rich with flora and fauna, and unique cultural, historical and natural characteristics, especially on its southern side. WWII forced many inhabitants of Brač to emigrate from the island to far away Australia, and various parts of America. Brač is known far and wide for its Brač stone which was also used in the building of the White House. The island is known for its famous beach Zlatni rat (Golden horn) which changes its shape every year, and along with this it is a surfer’s paradise and favourite destination of many well known and famous people from throughout the world.

Island Hvar

The island of Hvar has been inhabited since the ancient past. It is known that the Greeks founded the colony Faros. Hvar was under the rule of Romans, so that history is deeply entrenched in this island. In the centre of the town is the town square above which are the partially preserved palace of Croatian nobility, the Cathedral of St. Stephen, the Palace Paladini, and the fortress Fortica. Today Hvar is the favourite destination for sailing and yachting enthusiasts, excursionists who are attracted by the natural beauty of the island, fields of lavender, numerous olive groves, vineyards, and innumerable perfect coves with crystal clear sea.

Island Vis

As an island, Vis represents beautiful clean sea, an extensive series of coves, numerous pebbly and sandy beaches. The Island of Vis has many restaurants and konobe (wine cellars) with local specialties and first and foremost pleasant atmosphere. Rich with history and ancient monuments but also those from more recent eras. There are remnants of an ancient town, Roman thermal spas, necropolis, and many Renaissance summer residences and small churches. From a more recent era there is Tito’s cave which bears witness to the turbulent past of the island. We would like to also point out the natural phenomenon – the Modra špilja (Blue cave) in Biševo. Visit Vis and you will be charmed by this oasis of beauty and peace.which in summer is visited by many tourists from throughout the whole world.

Island Korčula

The town of Korčula is one of the best preserved Central European towns in the Mediterranean. Korčula is believed to be the birthplace of the most well known world traveller MARCO POLO, and even the house he was born in has been preserved. Tourists have much to see in Korčula, from rich cultural content to valuable monuments, institutions, town museum, monastery treasury, icon collections, old churches in which invaluable art work from Leonardo da Vinci to Jacopo Tintoretto is kept, and all this encircled by old walls and towers. Along with all this, Korčula is a great find for lovers of marine sports, scuba diving, sailing and swimming. Nature has endowed Korčula with a perfect crystal clear sea and numerous coves.

National park Krka

The National Park Krka is located in the region of the Šibenik-Knin County next to the river Krka for which it was named. The National Park stands out with its beautiful seven cascading waterfalls and karst phenomenon. The Skradin buk with its 17 barriers and 45 metre falls deserves a special mention. The Krka canyon with its ten endemic fish species also promises to delight. Be sure not to miss this park as there are truly great things to see.

National park Kornati

The National Park Kornati is one of the most developed island groups in the Mediterranean. This is a unique network of 150 islands, islets and reefs sprinkled throughout the central part of the Adriatic. With its uniquely crystal clear sea, an abundance of sun, numerous coves, bays and small ports, a must-see place for sailing enthusiasts, scuba divers, mountaineers and lovers of nature and all it offers.

National park Plitvice lakes

The Plitivice Lakes are the oldest and biggest National Park in Croatia. This world natural heritage is under UNESCO protection and stands out with its exceptionally beautiful lakes, waterfalls, caves and forests. Due to its favourable traffic-geographical location and attractiveness of this natural phenomenon, this national part has become one of the most favourite destinations of visitors from throughout the whole world. The mesmerising beauty of this National Park will provide you with exquisite delight but also an important lesson.