1. Are the rates per vehicle or per person?
    Rates are per vehicle and not per person.
  2. What if my flight is late?
    Our chaffeur will wait for you even if the flight time is delayed.
  3. How will I recognize the chaffeur?
    Our chaffeur waits at the exit gate with a sign with your name/surname or company name.
  4. Which vehicles do you offer?
    Our fleet offers standard sedans, vans up to 8 seats and mini-buses up to 15 seats.
  5. What brands/makes are the vehicles?
    The vehicles are BMW 5 series, Renault Master and Renault Traffic… all newer models.
  6. How do I make a booking?
    Bookings can be made by filling out the form labeled “Booking“
  7. Do you transfer pets as well?
    Yes, we are pet friendly.
  8. Why is it better to use your services as opposed to public transportation?
    By using our services, you save on time. Once you land, we are ready for departure and transfer you to your desired destination. Rates are prearranged without the element of surprise. Airport buses are often late and wait till they fill up before departing and public buses stop at terminals and not your desired destinations.
  9. Do you charge for luggage?
    No, Luggage is included in price.
  10. What about tips?
    Gratuities are at the discretion of the passenger and customary for good service but not mandatory.