Split Croatia

Split – The Perfect Combination of Old and New

Split has for decades been known as the transit town for many traveling in and out of the Dalmatian region of the Adriatic coast.  It is the major connection between the mainland and the numerous islands.  What was once an uncelebrated town, had quickly become a great city with a very uncelebrated past.  More and more people are starting to unravel the great history and beauty that Split has to offer.  Split has seen its transformations throughout the years and has become again what it always was, a great city http://ibebet.com/.

Tourists, of all ages and from all parts of the world, more and more wish to explore the city walls which speak it history, whisper its secrets and flaunt it gorgeous features.  Many do not expect to stay long in Split but find after a short stay that there is so much to discover and so much more than they expected that trips are often prolonged.  Split is indeed a city that is revisted simply because it has so much to offer and not all is usually seen or done the first time around.  Tourists transfer in and out of this town staying longer than expected with the intent to take in the beauty and mystiqueness of the city prior to moving onward.  Its no wonder, Split is after all the largest city on the Adriatic coast.  It’s airport is the major hub for tourists flying in and it’s harbor a beautiful port of call for ships sailing out.  With the recent urban developments, Split is being sought out more by cruisers looking to make a stop.  Split is a treasure worth unraveling.  The food is worth savoring and it’s history worth dwelling in… literals, with the accommodation being offered in the very heart of the city, Diocletian’s Palace.  The city revolves around the UNESCO World Heritage Monument with exhibits a perfect combination of the old history and the new modern life that bustles within it.  For now, we are left to explore and discover the gems that make the city of Split unique and great.

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